Gone, But Not Gone

Are you with the bird floating on the breeze?
Are you the whisper amongst the trees?
Are you the wind rippling through the grass?
Are you the sun shining down at last?

Are you the wild flowers in the woods?
So many what if’s and should’s.
What if you had run the other way?
I should have told you to stay.

Is that you on the windowsill?
Singing from the robin’s bill?
Did I hear you call my name,
With the ivy tapping the window pane?

Oh, my sweet daughter,
I will bring you home.
Away from the crows,
To the warm, golden glow.

I will set you free over the dancing sea,
And I shall try so hard to breath.
And feel your skin in the sand between my toes.
Hear your voice in the ocean blows.

You are gone, but not gone.
Yes, your heart has moved on,
Though not in footsteps walking,
But all around, my darling.


One comment

  1. Macxermillio · June 7, 2017

    This is beautiful, nice imagery and diction to covey the sentiment.

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