A new song

This is a new song about a childhood memory of mine… I was petrified of the dark and most nights after turning out the light, I would be convinced I’d see a tall, black figure standing over me. And it would make me lie very still, until I worked up the courage to turn on the lamp and fill the room with light, which is when he would disappear.

Shadow Man

It’s quiet
My back is turned to the night
A dark dreamer wonders into the bedroom
I always hear whispers

Standing over me again
The little stars are looking in
Flick the switch so they glow
Well, the light makes him go

A screamer
Still, I lie in the madness
A tall dreamer with a hat and a cape
His shape was a whisper

Standing over me again
The little stars are looking in
Flick the switch so they glow
Well, the light makes him go

Black is dark and dark is night
And all I’d see before I’d sleep
Was the man that frightened me
And I’d lie in my sweat and tears
For all those years
With the shadow man


What If

Did you love her as much as me?
I can’t stand it if you did
If she hadn’t kept her from you
Would she have done it for you?
You might be waiting to ask her
With a diamond and silver
And I’d never have met you
Who would I love now?
I’d be walking home
Hoping to see you
Driving to work
Hoping to meet you
In the woods
Hoping to greet you
But I never would
And there the three of you are
Dark haired beauties
And I am alone
Or with a madman
Or a man I cannot love
And you will be in my dreams
Under the sky and the stars
Looking up to where you are

Antony, imagination, perseverance

Everglade is perhaps my favourite song in the world. What I love about Antony Hegarty is his pure, fragile emotion – conveyed through his voice, lyrics, music.

One thing I will do at some stage in my life is write with strings accompanying – and play concerts with cellos and violins and oboes, flutes… I want the whole orchestra!

My friend Emma Case has sort of been an overnight success (may I say so) with her photography. It’s quite amazing! She’s brilliant. She decided she wanted to experiment a bit with it and suddenly she’s all booked up for this year and some of next, mostly to do weddings. Check out her blog and see for yourself the clear talent.

Anyway, my point other than her, is that if you feel like you need or want to do something then there’s no reason at all why you can’t do it. The only obstacle will be yourself. I have learnt this.

Every day I commute an hour to work and in the distance are a line of trees. There is not one day where I don’t wish I was going to those trees. And then I sit at my desk imagining all sorts of things, sunshine, adventures, cats – and music – I think about music.

But the last year has been occupied with other things and excuses of why I can’t write a song or finish one, or record, or buy a new instrument, or play live or something or other.

I know that I have what it takes, but do I have what it takes to get to that place? It’s clear to me I have to try and keep on writing. Perseverance is the key, isn’t it? A very successful business man told me that. And it’s the one word I remember yet I don’t follow much. And actually – that one word is the key to lots of things.

Including sleep. If you can’t get to sleep, do not give up – it will come! And I am going to get some now.

Tomorrow is day job but also music practice.

Goodnight, dear world, goodnight.

She Tells Lies

Writing, thinking, living and stuff

Is it hard to write when you’re in a very happy place?

I wonder if Tom Waits is unhappy most of the time, or whether he was when he was in his prime? When you read his interviews or words, it’s quite easy to see how he can write so well – I imagine him living in the Wizard of Oz. With yellow brick roads and scarecrows and straw hats and witches.

When you have to earn a living from a day job – it is hard to feel inspired. Spending 2 hours a day commuting… I’m waiting on this change coming and I know it’s going to feed me material. Oh, it shall be fresh and wonderful!

I was inspired today to write a song based on a letter in yesterdays newspaper. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/jun/05/letter-to-husband-secret-abuser

I’ll post the wip lyrics later, but for now, the golden lion has arrived and so I will call it the end of my blog, before he walks across the keyboard.



I forgot I had a blog.

My Mad March songs are available for free if anyone wants a copy. If you don’t know – I wrote and recorded 16 songs in 16 days, so they’re a little scratchy but they’re real and nice. So just send me an email with your contact details and I’ll pop one in the post. 

Anyway, the sun is shining and it might even hit 16 degrees this weekend, which would be rather nice. It’s irritating when people moan about the weather, because there are far worse things, however I am fed up of being cold! And I’m looking forward to warmth taking over.

I’ve been trying to catch up on the latest series if Lost. I am still, lost – it doesn’t seem to be answering many questions and I’m totally confused about who is evil and who is good, and trying to figure out the bigger picture. I have 6 more episodes to go.

If you buy a record this month, make it High Violet by the National. It’s truly glorious! You can listen to the album here: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126220062

Which brings me onto Glastonbury 2010. I’M NOT GOING! Last year I went and decided that after 8 years of it, I’d rather spend my money on something else. After all, it is SO expensive, but when it comes around I’ll still be sorry I’m not there – and minus the main stages, there are some pretty great bands on.

I’ll be surfing instead – or camping or doing something just as good! I purposefully booked that week off work.

Music practice tonight. And looking forward to the weekend.


What should I call my poem?

He purrs at my feet
Then, I don’t want to go
Across the sea
Away from me
I can see what I know
Love is the snow in my palms at Christmas
And the frost in the mornings
With the sun rising across the sheep
And the closeness of them all
Them, I have always known
Then waking up far away
To the 28’s and the blue sky song
And a man with skin that smells like home
The poor shell fish are roasting
It is remote
Desolate, yet full of something
Like the sunshine
And the sea
And the beach
We are there
Lying together in salty warmth
And suddenly we are so small
Just you and I
And the burning sky

Ahoy! It’s been a while

A combination of being broke and disheveled and feeling a bit small, I took off for the long-haul!

But I’m back and writing and in love with the sunshine. New rehearsals are underway and we’re hoping to be ready to play outside of our dingy practice room by the summer.

There’s a new song I wrote today (actually, yes, just straight off) it just sort of came to me like my cat sometimes does. I’l be recording a video and a little demo later on I hope – if I don’t get distracted.

My old site is lost for the moment… it may be back soon – but for the time being, come here for news and updates and songs and things.